Founded in the Spring of 2021, London based brand SRVC (Service) offers a distinctive take on women’s design and reimagines refinement with a hyper-futuristic edge.

The brand addresses the needs of modern women, today and beyond exploring innovation and functionality, ensuring that everything we create is of service to the diverse female form. Addressing both community and the individual, our designs often incorporate an opportunity to ‘self-style’. Reconstructing and deconstructing pieces to create different silhouettes and looks allowing room for expansion on how our garments can sustain within an existing wardrobe as well as the multi faceted SRVC universe.

Creatively led by Ricky Wesley Harriott, SRVC empowers with sleek and dynamic silhouettes exploring futurist proposals of traditional (service) garment archetypes. With focus on the relationship between garment and body we re-imagine wardrobe codes that lead with inclusivity, empowerment and quality.

Since the brands launch, SRVC has garnered notable press attention, and has begun to establish a strong presence with global retailers allowing brand enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the collections in-store and online.

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